Diocese of Kapoeta’s St John cathedral Church

Biography of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Isaac Deu Chol before he was enthroned as Bishop.
Bishop Isaac Deu Chol was a Teacher (Dupiooc) in the former Episcopal Church of Sudan till he was elected as the first President of Jol. Wo. Lieech in Wernyol Archdeaconry in 1989 where he participating in evangelism till he was attack and shot wounded in his right hand when he was to protect his Lordship Bishop Nathaniel Garang during evangelizations campaign of overthrowing of devils in the village but thanks God for making it simple wounded. He participated in spreading the gospel of God till he was ordained as Deacon. During mobilization exercised he was caught by the army and taken to Kidepo training Centre some mile away from Kapoeta Town where he was train as SPLA R/SM. soldier in 1989, but due to his courageous effort he managed to work with his colleagues in the army till be was permitted by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Nathaniel Garang Anyieth who was his first Bishop of Diocese of Bor and take him to Amee Displaced camp where he was promoted to full priest (Pastor).
In 1994, Bishop Isaac was transferred from Loboni Displaced camp to Kakuma Refugee Camp to go and organized the youth (J.W.L) as the supervisor of Jol.Wo.Lieech where he organized the entire Jol.Wo.Lieech in Kakauma Refugee Camp in Kenya.
In 1995 he was transferred to Narus as Pastor-In charge and after that he was transferred to Natinga parish as Pastor- in charge till he was promoted as Ruler el dean of Natinga Deanery.
In 2006 Bishop Isaac Deu was promoted as Archdeacon in charge of New Site Archdeaconry which occupies the areas from New Site to Ikotos.